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Some News: Collab Shutting Down 3/12/22

We started building Collab in late 2019 to help people build community by making music together. A few months later, our entire world changed and we all found ourselves quarantining at home, longing for the human connection that music can bring. We worked as fast as we could to put the earliest concept for Collab out into the world just a couple months later, hoping that it would shine a glimmer of positivity during a very difficult time.

Since then, thanks to regular input and feedback from you, the app has transformed from a simple stream of 3-clip videos that could only be created from songs we manually added, to a community bustling with musical creativity, mixing and matching everything from 1-clip wonders to 6-person symphonies, and creating some beautiful original music. Most importantly, we saw real relationships and friendships blossoming. While music was always at the heart of what we built, it was this community that drove us. You showed us what it really means to band together.

Like all good bands (and all good experiments!), however, this one must come to an end. We will be shutting down Collab on March 12, 2022. While the app will no longer exist after that time, the lessons we learned will be passed along to our colleagues in New Product Experimentation at Meta, and we are working carefully with the folks at BARS, another awesome music app from our team, to see how Collab’s innovative technology might enhance their user experience.

Saving your Content

To ensure you all have the smoothest experience before Collab goes away, we’ve made it easier to get your content out of the app. You can of course tap the share button on any collab that you’ve published or that includes you to download your collabs one by one. To download a zip file of all of your collabs, clips, comments, and profile information, go to Profile > Settings > Download Your Data. Depending on how much content you have, this may take some time to generate, but we will send you a push notification when your file is ready to download. You will have the ability to download your content until 3/12/22, and while the app will continue to exist until that time, we will not be making further changes (except, of course, to ensure you can retrieve your content smoothly).

We are so grateful

Thank you so much to all of you for your support, enthusiasm, feedback, and musical talent. We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to witness your creativity in action, and we will be cheering all of you on as your future musical adventures unfold.